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Robin Lennon

As we (finally) roll into the cooler temperatures and the quiet soft, subtle taupes, tans and grayness of the winter season…

I do believe that color becomes even more important than it is (and it is) in the warmer months of the year. We can feed ourselves with color energetically and emotionally.
Color is good for the soul.

I find myself drawn to the rich warm greens, chocolates with persimmon, and plums and soft blue grays. So as I begin new designs to add to the existing handbag line, I am imagining an animated tote in mixed purples and lavenders and a weekender in chocolates and persimmon.

Chartreuse combined with dove gray is absolutely luscious and oh so very rich. Or a deep, rich cognac handbag mixed with charcoals or a crimson carryall heading towards the China Seas or Outer Mongolia, to accompany you, whether it is to brunch, your local flea market or the other side of the world or to meet your new in-laws for the first time.

Color is a yummy treat that we can award ourselves with, play , gift to ourselves, be satiated by and add whimsy into our daily lives.

Use your intuition and trust yourself. Bring color to your life each day. Encourage joy and spontaneity.


Let the force of color be with you every day forward, from each moment to moment.

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